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like jigsaw pieces waiting to be knit

is order is beauty, is beauty is truth

queen of electrons
I'm interested in science, art, history, religion, politics, books, and arguing at parties.

I'm a huge geek and an sf fangirl. I am always trying to make things, and they're usually of several different types at once. I love trees. And mythology. And being frequently competent and asciilifeform and many other things and people besides.

I was a Biochem major; now I'm a post-college wanderer, like many other people. Hopefully one day I will settle down.

This is my online home. This is where there is content. If you want to know what I'm thinking about, this is a pretty good place to start.

My Visitors:

If you have something to say, please comment! If you are interested in reading, please friend! You do not need any sort of permission or introduction; I will be honored and quite likely (though not always) friend you back.

My Reading List:

I friend people if and only if I find their journals interesting to read.

My journal title comes from my Ars Poetica, which goes:

is the mortar of it all
the way that my chaotic words will fit
like jigsaw pieces waiting to be knit
is order is beauty
is beauty is truth
we will find when the oceans are crossed...